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The London SPE Net Zero Gaia Committee is delighted to bring you the next in our Net Zero webinar series, with a deep dive into decarbonisation and new energies.

We are joined by Marcelo Xavier, Executive Vice-President for Strategy and Sustainability at Subsea7, who will use his experience to address two topics. The first is an overview of offshore fleet decarbonisation and its role in reaching net zero. The second is an overview of the latest initiatives in offshore wind, as a key to unlocking new energies worldwide.

Talk 1: Make lower carbon oil and gas possible: Offshore Fleet Decarbonisation for Net Zero

To meet the global commitments for net zero carbon emissions our energy mix must transition from the precious and limited fossil fuels feasibly and sustainably.

The first step is to reduce the emissions in categories 1 and 2. Marcelo will bring a case study led by Subsea7 on converting conventional offshore installation vessels into hybrid and more sustainable assets, reducing emissions and making lower carbon oil and gas possible.

Talk 2: Make renewables and emerging energies possible: Wind as a key new energy

This talk will introduce the initiatives and developments of Subsea7 and Seaway7 on developing offshore wind farms. It also will be a great opportunity to highlight the key skills for engineers to help the industry transition from conventional to new and sustainable energies.

Offshore wind energy is a key element to balance the energy trilemma: Energy Security. Energy Sustainability. Energy Affordability.

The event is free to attend but please register via this link.

About our speaker

Marcelo Xavier is Executive Vice-President of Subsea7 for Strategy and Sustainability. He joined the company in 2001 and has led energy projects on a global scale. Currently based in Subsea7’s London office in Sutton, he is a crucial stakeholder driving the company to build a more sustainable energy sector.