Support Activities

No industry can survive unless it succeeds in inspiring future generations to join its ranks.Through its support, SPE London section aims to encourage interest and understanding of the E&P industry among students from primary age right through to university and beyond.

Speakers’ packs are available to help members capture the imagination of young audiences while the ‘Discover Petroleum’ section of the Energy Institute website (supported by the SPE Aberdeen and London sections) includes interactive games, information and virtual tours of an offshore platform for two separate age-groups (8 to 12 and 13 to 16).

You can order your Speakers’ packs using the Speakers’  Packs Order Form, including UKOOA PowerPoint presentations for three different age bands (8 to 11 12 to 16 and 17 to 18), a Magic Suitcase with table-top experiments and a video introduction to the oil and gas industry. Please complete the form and fax it back to Prof. Martin Blunt on 020 7594 7444.

For those interested in giving talks to local schools or colleges, click on the following links to download an introduction pack:

SPE London Section is also an active supporter of petroleum engineering studies, including the SPE student chapters at eight English universities.  These are the Universities of Coventry, Derby, Leeds, Manchester, Portsmouth, Salford, London South Bank and Imperial College.

Financial Support

The SPE London Section has provided support to petroleum engineering students for more than 30 years. A financial donation is provided each year to the various student chapters by London Section. This can be used for a variety of purposes such as funding field trips or industry visits, travel to the monthly meetings and library books.

In addition to this, the Young Professionals section of the London Section visit the Student Chapters to provide lectures and graduate skills workshops to advise and familiarize students with the oil and gas industry, and who and where to apply for jobs.

More information for students, including scholarships, can also be found on the SPE International website.

Students are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings in London at a reduced fee. These meetings consist a lecture on technical, commercial and topical matters by keynote speakers, including SPE Distinguished Speakers from around the world offering a good insight into the industry.