This page contains presentations from the SPE Reserves & Resources Reporting Continuing Education Seminar June 2016 (co-sponsored by SPE London Section and SPEE European Chapter), provided the speaker gave permission to release them.

‘How Bank’s use Reserves & Resources Reports in Debt based Project Finance’
Speaker: Neil Fairnie, Standard Bank Group

‘United Nations Framework Classification (UNFC-2009) Harmonisation without Homogenisation’
Speaker: Presented on behalf of the EGRC by Jim Ross, Ross Petroleum Ltd Reserves

‘Reserves Puzzlers Are They or Are They Not Reserves?’
Speaker: Richard Smith, Gaffney Cline & Associates
NOTE: Richard Smith is interested in receiving other examples similar to the Puzzles Presentations, real or stylized, that can be used in future conferences and meetings. Please email him:

Reserves and Portfolio Management: A Language that Communicates to the Investment Community
Speaker: Gavin Ward, RISC Advisory