Elizaveta Poliakova

It´s an honour to start serving SPE London Chapter as the new Chair! My name is Elizaveta, and I am a Reservoir Engineer with Trident Energy. I have been with SPE since 2015, when I started as a part of SPE Leeds Student Chapter Committee. I then moved to become President for SPE Imperial student chapter, as well as a part of SPE YP London Section. For the past 2.5 years, I was the Chief Editor of SPE London Review.

I would like to thank Adam for the outstanding work on chairing SPE London last year. In 2021-22 our calendar of events achieved a golden middle between face-to-face and online activities.

For 2022-23 we will continue to drive our Society forward. For me and our Board, the attention is set on increasing the value you receive by being a member of SPE London – and with this, feed our membership growth. I believe that 2022-23 will be another critical year for our Section as we further explore Energy Transition opportunities and return to faceto-face events. I hope that, in my role, I can support maximising the benefits we can offer.

Another priority is set on supporting Student Chapters, especially the universities undergoing a transition in energy-related degrees. I look forward to strengthening communications and workshops with Oil & Gas students.

Lastly, this past year has seen great effort in creating networking opportunities with partner societies, such as AAPG and EAGE. I aim to ensure our members continue benefiting from live events and technical talks across energy-relates societies and SPE Chapters!

Best wishes,
Elizaveta Poliakova, SPE London Chair

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