Dear colleagues and friends!

The SPE London Section has had a successful past few months. Our team of volunteers has continued to work hard towards delivering another exceptional programme. We would like to thank all our members and guests for such a great interest in our events!

One of the highlights of the past month for us as a Section and for myself, as a Chairperson, was meeting the 2018 SPE International President Darcy Spady, who took part in the SPE London Annual conference on the 23 October.

It was very beneficial for the board to meet him to learn and share some of the best practices in delivering the SPE mission. As the London Section is in close proximity to the City, it has always been recognised by Darcy as supporting his belief in the importance for engineers to understand financial matters. In line with this, we are always trying to diversify our technical program with Business Development seminars. Such seminars are prepared by our Special Interest committees for the benefit of oil and gas professionals and the financial sector. We are open to any of your suggestions on the topics you would like us to cover in future. Please contact us: if you have an idea in mind.

At London South Bank University, Darcy also met with our Students Chapters from the universities supported by SPE London, including Leeds, Portsmouth, Coventry, Manchester, LSBU and Imperial College.

It was great to hear his inspiring thoughts on our industry that provides the most of the world’s energy needs as well many other life improvements. Such a message aligns with the optimistic outlook on the future of the oil and gas industry, and was well received by students. I hope this message has provided them with a very important mindset to start the academic term!

We would all like to thank Darcy for being such an open and motivational leader of our Society. We wish him all the best for his future after successfully stepped down from his role after such a remarkable year!

Kind regards,

Dr Olga Bradulina

SPE London Chairperson


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