Here’s the 38-page March/April issue of the SPE Review London!

  • The new aspiration: Zero emission platforms
  • Net zero 1010: Carbon offsetting
  • ESG for a UK independent oil and gas company
  • SPE Coventry: Fresh ideas and a strong future vision
  • SPE London Young Professionals: Innovative, interactive, and skillful
  • Arkwright: Identifying, inspiring, and nurturing future leaders
  • Social-oriented business purpose: Profitability 301
  • Evaluating limits to CO2 storage capacity
  • +++ Letter from the Chair / Letter from the Editor / News

SPE Review London March / April 2021

Here’s the 44-page January/February 2021 SPE Review London!

  • London Net Zero: Tomorrow’s next and future generations
  • C-Level talks SPECIAL: Nathan Meehan
  • Perspectives on the upstream energy industry
  • SPE YP London: Past and future plans
  • The energy transition and ESG
  • SPE Leeds: Road less traveled
  • Reservoir simulation in reserves estimation
  • +++ Letter from the Chair / Letter from the Editor / Behind the scenes

SPE Review London January and February 2021