This page contains presentations from SPE London Evening Dinner meetings, with permission from the speaker to release them.

February 2023
The February London Section meeting included presentations by SPE Distinguished Lecturer Babak Moradi from Three60Energy who discussed ‘Waterflood optimization by data analytics on mature fields’, and SPE Distinguished Lecturer Dr Sam Krevo from Imperial College London who talked about digital rocks and CO2 storage.
The presentation is available via this link:
Waterflood optimization (Babak Moradi)

January 2023
The January London Section meeting included presentations from Shane Hattingh (Gaffney, Cline & Associates) who discussed quantifying geological storage of carbon, and Drew Powell, also from Gaffrey Cline, who talkedabout CCS project development. 
The presentations are available via these links:
Carbon capture and storage (Shane Hattingh)
Carbon capture and storage (Drew Powell)

October 2022
The October London Section evening meeting included a presentation by Simon J Sparke on Well Integrity in the Operate Phase – past, present, and future. The tools of a crime-scene detective.
The presentation is available via this link: Well integrity in the Operate Phase.

March 2021 – virtual meeting
The March London Section evening meeting included presentations on O&G pivoting to geothermal: Opportunities and challenges, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in a UK independent oil and gas company.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) in a UK independent oil and gas company
Clara Altobell, Vice President for ESG and Business Innovation at Serica Energy

January 2021 – virtual meeting

The January 2021 London section virtual evening meeting included lectures on Blue Hydrogen and Ammonia Production and Supply Pathways and SPE members addressing the energy Transition and ESG – the Gaia Sustainability Program.  The event was sponsored by OPC.

Blue Hydrogen and Ammonia Production and Supply Pathways
Dr. Aqil Jama, Chief Technologist, Carbon Management Research Division of Saudi Aramco’s R&D Center, Dhahran.

October 2020 – virtual meeting

The October 2020 London section virtual evening meeting included lectures on Research at Imperial – Peering into the Pore Space with X-rays, and Six trends in decommissioning in the last 18 months.

Research at Imperial – Peering into the Pore Space with X-rays
Martin Blunt, Professor of Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College London.

February 2020
The February 2020 London Section evening meeting included lectures on the Disruptive Influence of Global LNG, and Rise of the Carbon Majors.

Disruptive Influence of Global LNG
Speakers: Peter Cameron and Jalil Jumriany, Energy Global

Rise of the Carbon Majors
PLUS: Summary of BCG’s German decarbonisation study
Speaker: Bas Sudmeijer, Managing Director and Partner, Boston Consulting Group’s Energy and Social Impact Practice.

November 2019
The November 2019 London Section evening meeting included lectures on Hydrodynamic Modelling and Operational Oil Spill Response in the Humber Estuary, and Scaling Agile in Large Organisations.

Scaling Agile in large organisations.
Speaker: Steven Kok, Associate Director in Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) Technology & Digital Transformation practice.

October 2019
The October 2019 London Section evening meeting included a talk on ‘Simulating CO2 Injection and Storage in the Cloud’ by Paolo Orsini, OpenGoSim, and a talk by SPE Distnguised Lecturer Vassilios Kelessidis, on ‘Drilling Optimization Revisited: How Close are we to Drilling

Optimization while Drilling (Dowd)?
Simulating CO2 Injection and Storage in the Cloud
Speaker: Paolo Orsini, OpenGoSim

September 2019
The September 2019 London Section evening meeting was an experimental workshop format at INEOS’ offices in Chelsea, where Young Professionals (YPs) and Senior Professionals (SPs) discussed best practices around five topics chosen by SPE London members: modelling pitfalls, career progression,business deals (M&A asset valuation), social networks (e-networking) and soft skills.
SPE_London SP/YP event September 2019

May 2019
Young researchers presented their posters at the recent SPE London Section meeting. Here are six of the 12.

Analytical Solution of Polymer Slug Injection with Fiscous Fingering
S.A. Abdul Hamid and A.H. Muggeridge, 2018.
Shahrizal Anuar Abdul Hamid (Anuar) is a Research Assistant in Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College London. He completed his PhD in the same field, under the supervision of Ann Muggeridge, at the same institution in 2019. He also holds MEng Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Manchester. Previously, he was a process simulation engineer working on various engineering studies for oil and gas processing facilities.

A Realistic Vapour Phase Heat Transfer Model for the Weathering of LNG Stored in Large Tanks
Felipe Huerta and Velisa Vesovic.
Felipe Huerta Pérez is 2nd year PhD Student at Imperial College London under the supervision of Prof. Velisa Vesovic. He obtained his BSc and MSc in Chemical Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2016. His main research interests are modelling transport phenomena, thermodynamics and numerical methods. His current research is about computational modelling of LNG storage. His previous work is related to optimizing wine de-alcoholization and applied chemical engineering to food industry.

Fast Modelling of Gas Reservoirs using Non-Intrusive Reduced Order Modelling
Jemimah-Sandra Samuel, Ann Muggeridge.
Jemimah-Sandra Samuel is an Imperial College research postgraduate in petroleum engineering with interests in reservoir characterisation, evaluation, simulation and management. Her current research, supervised by Prof. Ann Muggeridge, focusses on using non-intrusive reduced order modelling (NIROM) for fast modelling of gas reservoirs. She holds an MSc in Petroleum Engineering and a BEng in Chemical Engineering.Ann Is a professor of petroleum engineering at Imperial College. Her research interests encompass EOR, fast reservoir modelling, upscaling and the physics of flows in porous media. She holds a BSc(Hons) in Physics and a DPhil in Atmospheric Physics.

Mechanical wellbore stability modelling in Anistotropic Rocks
Ngurah Beni Setiawan and Robert Zimmerman.
Ngurah Beni Setiawan is a third-year PhD student at Imperial College, working with Prof. Robert Zimmerman on the topic of stability of deviated and horizontal boreholes drilled into anisotropic formations. Prior to his current position, Beni was a senior geomechanics specialist with Schlumberger for ten years, and was involved in more than thirty geomechanics studies across South East Asia.

Evaluation of Empirical Models for Viscous Fingering in Miscible Displacement
Irfan Tai, Ann Muggeridge.
Irfan Tai is an Imperial College PhD student working on upscaling of polymer flooding. His PhD is part funded by Schlumberger and he is supervised by Prof Ann Muggeridge and Marie Ann Giddins. This poster describes his MSc project research. He holds an MSc in petroleum engineering and an MRes in fluid dynamics, both from Imperial College London.

Hydraulic transmissivity of fracture networks generated through geomechanical fracture-growth simulations
Robin N. Thomas, Anozie Ebigbo, Adriana Paluszny, and Robert W. Zimmerman.
Robin Thomas has just completed his PhD at Imperial College, working with Dr. Adriana Paluszny and Prof. Robert Zimmerman on generating geologically realistic fracture networks, and investigating their mechanical and hydrological properties. He is currently working as a post-doctoral researcher at IC, focussing on hydraulic fracturing, on projects funded by NERC and BP.

April 2019
Fluid Dynamics of Multiphase Displacement in Reservoir Rocks (First part)
Fluid Dynamics of Multiphase Displacement in Reservoir Rocks (Second part)
Speakers: Catherine Spurin & Alessio Scanziani, Imperial College.

Additional references:

March 2019
Using Fractals to Determine a Reservoir’s Hydrocarbon Distribution (Paper)
Speaker: Steve Cuddy, Distinguished Lecturer, Baker Hughes

Using Fractals to Determine a Reservoir’s Hydrocarbon Distribution  (Slides)
Speaker: Steve Cuddy, Distinguished Lecturer, Baker Hughes

Shale Gas Reservoir Characterisation Using R
Speaker: Michael Kenomore, Portsmouth University School of Energy and Electronic Engineering

February 2019
Accelerating pore-scale flow simulations with a machine learning approach
Speaker: Arash Rabbani, Masoud Babaei, University of Manchester

November 2018
Shale Gas. The opportunity for the UK.
Speaker: Laura Hughes, Commercial and Projects Director

September 2018

Evaluating economic impact of digitization on petroleum upstream projects
Speaker: Omer Ahmed, Coventry University Postgraduate Student

OIL AND GAS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE – OGAI 2.0: The Application of Geospatial Information and Big Data Analytics
Speaker: Peter Kaznacheev, Senior Research Fellow, King’s College London, European Centre for Energy and Recourse Security (EUCERS)

Data Science in the Real World
Speaker: Tom Begley

May 2018

Fracture Simulation Parameters: Addressing the needs of Completion Engineers: A Petrophysical Perspectives
Speaker: Fred Jenson, Product Strategy Manager Petrophysics and Geomechanics, CGG.

March 2018

‘Everything you always wanted to know about well test analysis but were afraid to ask’
Speaker: Alain Gringarten

February 2018

Overview of EU and US Russia sanctions’
Speaker: Ben Smith, Baker McKenzie

‘Opportunities in Iran’s Oil and Gas
Speaker: Manouchehr Takin, International oil & energy consultant

January 2018
‘Characterising multiphase flow in heterogeneous rocks
Speaker: Dr S Jackson, Imperial College

‘Dynamic fluid connectivity during steady-state
multiphase flow in a sandstone’
Speaker: Dr. C Reynolds, Imperial College

October 2017

Reserves and Resources – Top 10 PRMS errors and misunderstandings
Speaker: Dr Ed Jankowski, Managing Director, RPS Energy

September 2017

Welcome to the Future. Quantum Computing for the Real World Today
Speaker: Andy Mason. D-Wave

May 2017

Making Quality Decisions
Speaker: Pete Naylor, Shell

Event-based Risk Management
Speaker: Craig Smalley, Benchmarks Consulting

April 2017

Planet Oil
Speaker: Adrian Gregory, MORE Oil & Gas Consultancy

February 2017

Getting closer to the truth’
Speaker: Silvia Rey Gomez, IHS Markit

November 2016

Challenges and solution for Independents during low oil prices
Speaker: Peter R. Clutterbuck, Global Energy Consultants Ltd

Distinguished Lecturer Program:
The Digital Oilfield – Collaborative Working at Global Scale
Speaker: Frans Van den Berg, Smart Collaboration, The Netherlands

September 2016

Holistic View – Asset Evaluation
Speaker: Drew Powell, Global Director – Operations, Gaffney, Cline & Associates

Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women
Speakers: Inge Woudstra, W2O Consulting and Training

Resilient Field Developments that can Accommodate Uncertainty are the Best Solution for a Sustained Low Oil Price Environment
Speaker: Chris Hopper, Moving Future

May 2016

M&A in the North Sea Overview and recent trends
Speakers: Neil Leppard and Mairi Massey

Enabling Geological Scale Dynamic Modelling of a Fractured Basement Reservoir
Speaker: Daniel Bonter, Hurricane Energy

Offshore Gas Treating in a low oil price environment
Speaker: John Young, Twister

April 2016

Recent advances in ocean circulation modelling and applications for oil spill preparedness
Speaker: Katya Popova

Reducing offshore drilling and construction risks with Metocean data
Speaker: Mark Calverle

March 2016

Why Can’t I get my Reserves right?
Speaker: Mark Hayes

What’s an SPE Technical Director – Would I know if I heard one?
Speaker: David Curry

Managing the Future Impact of Current Cost Cutting. What Should We Keep on Spending to Drive Down Well Costs?
Speaker: David Curry

LNG glut: doom and gloom? Or land of opportunity?
Speaker: Ryan Pereira

February 2016

The Search for Efficient Use of CAPEX
Speaker: Iain Poole

January 2016

Managing Dual Careers: Work/Life Integration in a 24/7 World
Speaker: Eva Sprunt

Perforating for Inflow performance in Natural Completions
Speaker: Mark S Brinsden

November 2015

Assessing and Applying Petroleum Enginering Data
Speaker: John Turley

October 2015

Scalable systems for reservoir modeling on modern hardware platforms
Speaker: Dmitry Eydin

September 2015

Unlocking oil and gas potential in Central and East Africa. Challenges for Independents.
Speaker: Peter R. Clutterbuck, Global Energy Consultants

May 2015

Shale Gas Research
Speaker: Michael Kenomore, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Portsmouth University.

Special Core Analysis: Challenges, Pitfalls and Solutions
Speaker: Colin McPhee, Global Head, Rock Properties Group.

Fluid Profiling with Downhole Fluid Analysis. A Modern Technique for Reservoir Characterization
Speaker: Michael O’Keefe Principal Reservoir Engineer, Schlumberger.

24th February 2015

Unconventional Reservoirs Require Unconventional Analysis Techniques
Speaker: David Anderson, Product Manager, IHS
Drilling to Profit with Extended Reach Drilling
Speaker: Iain Hutchison, Managing Director, Merlin ERD Ltd

27th January 2015

Project benchmarking reservoir and wells delivery
Speaker: Nekhil Mishra, Senior Project Analyst, IPA Global

Problems of accurately forecasting UK oil and gas production
Speaker: Mike Earp, Department of Energy and Climate Change

25th November 2014

Wood Review: Necessary, but Sufficient?
Speaker:Charles Goedhals, senior Development Planning Engineer at Gaffney Cline & Associates

Passive Seismic Monitoring
Speaker: Professor Michael Kendall, School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol.

October 2014

Speaker: Glen Burridge

Software Jockeys or Garage Tinkerers – Training Options for Next-Generation Geomechanics
Speaker: Prof Gary Couples, Institute of Petroleum Energy, School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society, Heriot-Watt University

Reasons why some geomechanical models turn out “unfit for purpose”.
Speaker: Jorg Herwanger

The Role of the Intermediate Principal Stress in Petroleum Geomechanics.
Speaker: Robert W. Zimmerman, Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College

The Value of Geomechanics: Engaging with Engineers and Managers
Speaker: Richard A. Plumb

30th September 2014

Shale plays: how technology, governments, regulators, academia, and the public have changed the world’s energy supply and demand equation
Speaker: Joseph H. Frantz, Jr. SPE Distinguished Lecturer and VP Engineering Technology, Range Resources Corp

North Sea oil field decommissioning: the challenges and opportunities
Speaker:Nigel Jenkins, Chief Executive, Decom North Sea

OGIC: transforming the way industry and academia work together.
Speaker: Ian Phillips, CEO, Oil and Gas Innovation Centre in Aberdeen

18th February 2014

Offshore CO2 EOR as Part of a National CCS Programme: Opportunities and Challenges
Speaker: David S Hughes, Principal Reservoir Engineer/CCS and EOR Specialist, Senergy

28th January 2014

The Competent Person’s Report
Speaker: John W Barker, Technical Director, Reservoir Engineering, Gaffney Cline & Associates

Stimulation Fluids – Myths, Reality and Environmental Stewardship through Better Chemistry
Speaker: Dan Daulton, SPE Distinguished Lecturer

26th November 2013

Focus on Making Decisions…Not on searching for and analyzing the data
– Chris Fair, Founder & CEO, Oilfield Data Services Inc

Advances in Pressure Transient Analysis: De-convolution and its applications
Piers Johnson, Founder & MD, Oilfield Production Consultants (OPC) Ltd

29th October 2013

Value of Popular Decision Analysis Tools in Upstream Asset Valuations
Erkan Karakaya, Principal Economist and New Ventures Director, Schlumberger Production Management

24th September 2013

Increasing Exploration Chance of Success with Reservoir Seismic Characterisation
Erick Alvarez, Team Leader, Reservoir Seismic Characterisation, Senergy Limited

Distinguished Lecture Program 2013
Usman Ahmed

28th May 2013

Flow modelling across faults
Wahab Ahmed, Schlumberger

East Africa: A Focus on the Emerging Petroleum Provinces
Rand Al-obaidy, Gaffney, Cline & Associates

The Extinction of Skin
Michael Byrne, Senergy GB Ltd

30th April 2013

Heavy Oil Identification and Exploitation
Jean-Valery Garcia, MD, Kirk Petrophysics

26th March 2013

Reservoir Fluid (PVT) Analysis
Brian Moffatt, PetroPhase

26th February 2013

Attracting Finance – Traps for young and old players
Willl Holland, Macquarie

Subsea Production and Flow Assurance
Sacha Sarshar, Caltec

29th January 2013

Attaining ‘Privilege to operate’ in the Arctic
Jon Perry, ERM

Shale Gas and its Potential Market in Europe
Chris Burns, GCA

27th November 2012

The Value of Information
Pete Naylor, BG Group

24th April 2012

Carbon capture and Storage
Brian Moffatt

Case Study: CO2 Injection into a Highly Depleted Gas Field, SNS UK
Paul Williams & Kate Gibbons

A New Energy future with traditional energy
C. Michael Ming

27th March 2012

Global gas Market
Saad Rahim

28th February 2012

The Future of the North Sea

31st January 2012

Horizontal & Multi-Fractured Wells
Tony Martins

29th November 2011

Operating Environment Post Macondo
Peter Rowley
Peter Rowley Lecture Notes

Life Cycle Well Integrity Management
Ged Lunt

27th October 2011

Asset Management Optimization using model based decision support
– Francesco Verre

Shale Experience from a global gas perspective
– Alex Gabb, BG Group

27th September 2011

The Applications of Surface Jet Pump Technology to Increase Oil and Gas Production
– Dr Najam Beg

The Current Status of Shale Gas in Europe
– Chris Rachwal

24th May 2011

EOR – The Time is Now
– Paul Bondor

26th April 2011

On the Road to Smart Technologies in Underground Gas Storage
– Kenneth Brown

29th March 2011

Minnows Chasing Whales
– Tower Resources

Uganda Project
– Robin Rindfuss

18th January 2011

Hot Water Rises
– Paul L Younger

Gas Price Trends
– Niall Trimble

The Prospects For Geothermal Energy In Scotland
– Ed Stephens

30th November 2010

Responding to the Deepwater Horizon Incident
– Rob Bly, Oil Spill Response Ltd

Production and Produced Water Systems
– Weatherford

26th October 2010

Stochastic Handling of Uncertainties in the Decision Making Process
– Dag Ryen, Ofstad, IPRES, Norway

Value of Information in Business Development Opportunities
– Todd Jones, Chevron Europe

Reliability of Expert Judgements and Uncertainty Assessments
– Steve Begg, University of Adelaide

28th September 2010

Enlightened Reservoir Management
– Mr Alan Strudley

Fractured Horizontal Well Decline
– Dr Branimir Cvetkovic