Geothermal: Beyond the hype

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The London SPE Net Zero Gaia committee is happy to bring you an open and honest discussion on the geothermal industry’s current status and future opportunities and challenges.

The session will feature two of SPE London’s committee members, who will share their experience of joining geothermal start-ups and their insights on the practicalities of providing geothermal heat and power at scale.

Please join us on Tuesday 13th September 12.30-13.30 UK BST.

Topics will include:
• The good news stories out there, what is working and moving forward!
• The geothermal ecosystem – who is playing what role
• The sustainability of geothermal energy and the applicability of petroleum engineering skillsets
• The practicalities of re-using O&G infrastructure
• The challenges around financing, regulation, policy and attitudes to risk
• The technical advances needed and the importance of cheap drilling
• Understanding your customers and the wider energy network
• Geothermal everywhere – what’s possible and what’s not?