Introduction to Upstream Oil and Gas for the Net Zero World – 16th annual seminar

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The seminar provides an introduction to the full life cycle of oil and gas fields, in addition to covering the basics in exploration, geoscience, drilling, operations, reservoir management and commercial terms. All speakers will include elements of the Energy Transition in their talks.
Engineers and managers often suggest this seminar to non-technical staff so they can better understand the content of reports and budgets. This seminar is about communicating complex ideas to a non-technical audience.

This will be the 16th year the seminar is held in London.

The seminar is aimed at people working in financial and E&P environments, who are new to the industry or would benefit from an understanding of the technical processes and the key elements in oil and gas projects. Presentations will be at a basic level. The seminar is also appropriate for people working indirectly with oil and gas companies, or providing support services.

Why you should attend:

* Learn about all stages of oil and gas fields

* Hear perspectives from 9 O&G industry experts

* Learn about Net Zero topics, including geothermal energy, carbon capture and storage, CO2 reporting

* Introductions to M&A and deal making

* Network and talk with speakers and other attendees, from a wide range of career paths

* Suitable for professionals working in other industries – no prior experience needed!

Who should attend:

Staff and contractors: graduates, legal staff, investors, analysts, accountants, finance, logistics, IT, technical assistants, secretarial, procurement, recruitment and HSE.