London SPE Net Zero Programme: A Coffee Hour Chat with Paul Chernik and Tony Griffiths

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The London SPE Net Zero Gaia committee is excited to invite you to this coffee hour chat where we will discuss ‘Scope 3 Emissions and Offsetting’.

For the first time in this engaging webinar series, we’re shifting the spotlight onto a critical topic that’s often overlooked – Scope 3 emissions and the power of effective offsetting. In a world where environmental responsibility is seen as a necessity, gaining a deep understanding of Scope 3 emissions and the pivotal role of offsetting has never been more vital. Join us over lunch as we delve into the territory of indirect emissions, and dig down into the complex role of offsetting in our journey to net zero. Don’t miss out – your lunch break could be the moment you see Scope 3 emissions and offsetting in a new light.

Our speakers include Paul Chernik, ERC Evolution General Manager. Paul launched ERC Evolution as an internal start-up within the ERCE Group in 2021. He did so in the belief that to achieve climate mitigation ambitions, technical and commercial specialists from all industries must be brought together to collaborate and share knowledge. For many years, Paul has been a resources expert, certifying independent studies for the CCS and oil and gas industries. His work has now expanded into Climate Disclosure where he focuses on innovation to solve the demands of this growing industry that is connecting stakeholders, financial information and climate information.

He will be joined by Tony Griffiths, CEO, and Technical Director of Olsights, a UK based clean energy data visualisation and application developer creating affordable web-based tools to allow quick decision-making aiding the energy transition challenge. Tony has 25 years of diverse global experience in the energy industry and has been a chartered chemical engineer for over 20 years. He is on a mission to demystify complex clean energy development decision – and help authorities, energy developers, investors, consultants, and other decision-makers make the best use of limited resources, with a focus on real science-based decarbonisation impact.

Paul will provide insight into provide insight into the concept of scope 3 emissions. With a wealth of expertise, he will clarify the essence of these emissions and their calculation. Drawing from his extensive background, Paul will also share invaluable insights gained from his experience in verifying and reporting scope 3 emissions, offering attendees a comprehensive perspective on this critical facet of environmental responsibility.

Tony will then present a thought-provoking exploration of offsetting practices. Offering a unique standpoint, he will delve into the broader implications of offsetting within the context of our mission toward achieving net zero by 2050. Tony’s presentation promises to be a compelling analysis of the complexities surrounding offsetting and its potential impact on our collective journey toward a more sustainable future.