Methane Emissions – Detection, Quantification and Mitigation

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The London SPE Net Zero Gaia committee, with thanks to our sponsor ERC Evolution, is excited to bring you this lunch and learn. For those with an interest in how the oil and gas industry can detect, quantify and mitigate methane emissions, this is online Zoom webinar for you. (
The event is free, although registration is required.)

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, with a 25-times greater climate impact over a 100-year period than CO2, and 80-times greater over a 20-year period. Given the high short-term impact of methane on the climate, removing methane emissions would provide significant gains in meeting 2050 Net Zero targets. The Fossil Fuel sector is a major source of methane emissions to the atmosphere alongside agriculture. It is therefore critical that the Oil and Gas industry plays its role in addressing methane emissions.

We have two excellent speakers to help us better understand this key area:

  • Matt Harrison from SLR will discuss the world of methane emissions inventories and reductions efforts.

  • Marwa Hassan from Schlumberger will explain how the digital systems can be used to effectively manage methane emissions.