SPE YP OLI Systems ScaleChem Technical Virtual Workshop

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SPE YP London is pleased to announce this technical virtual workshop, supported by OLI Systems ScaleChem.
This presentation is designed to show how mineral scaling potential in produced waters is computed. The presentation will centre on three basic scenarios: how lower pressures cause CO2 to degas from the water and cause a chemical chain reaction that causes CaCO3 to precipitate; how lower temperatures cause minerals like barite to become unstable in water, and lastly, how lower pressures cause H2O to evaporate, which in low water-cut production, can produce halite scaling.

Description of data obtained from the operator • Water analyses • Hydrocarbon analyses • Production rates of each phase • Temperature and pressure profile of the producing system

How to set up a well profile • Entering the water and hydrocarbon analyses • Create the representative reservoir fluid using available data • Calculating scale formation as the fluid is produced 

Three example cases • CaCO3 scale formation due to well depressurization • BaSO4 scale formation due to temperature decrease • Halite scale formation due to water evaporation

Please note:

  • This event is being delivered virtually.
  • Spaces are limited so you should aim to register early as registration will be closed 48 hours before the event date.
  • This event is for SPE members ONLY.

Thursday, 3 December 2020, from 17:00 to 19:00 GMT

Virtual session via Webex. The dial-in details will be shared with people who have expressed an interest a week before the event.

How to book a place:
Please register your interest via this link and the online meeting invitation link will be provided. To avoid disappointment, please confirm early as there are limited places for this session.

For all other enquiries, please contact speyplondon@gmail.com