SPE London Section reinstates sponsorship of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship

Read how your section is supporting the next generation of engineers needed in the global oil and gas industry.


Inspiring future engineering talent

The London Section of the SPE is pleased to inform members that the board has recommended it re-establishes the relationship with the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. The purpose is to bring influence to schools and high-performing year 11 students that there remains an attractive career within the oil and gas industry. The industry faces several well publicised challenges such as the Climate Change debate, widespread use of plastics, rise of renewable energy and government initiatives, all of which are providing a negative backdrop in the minds of young students. Additionally, the rise of data science and artificial intelligence as new and attractive businesses puts pressure on the ability of the oil and gas industry to compete in attracting science and engineering-minded students. In re-establishing our relationship with Arkwright, the board believes we are making a relevant contribution to ensure the oil and gas industry is well placed to attract quality science and engineering talent into its workforce.

Within this article you will hear from SPE member, Richard Prior, who has directly benefited from an Arkwright scholarship and from Arkwright’s business development manager, Steven Kay, who outlines the Scholarship program.

Any members wishing to know more about how the SPE is working with Arkwright, please contact Adrian Southworth: adriansouthworth@me.com

The sole purpose of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships programme is to identify outstanding technology-minded students, inspire and nurture them to go on and become our future leaders in engineering. Arkwright has offered scholarships for over 28 years and is a major initiative provided by The Smallpeice Trust, which has over 50 years’ experience delivering quality STEM enrichment activities.

The Arkwright programme has more than 800 current scholars and has seen 5000+ scholars come through this prestigious and highly sought-after Engineering Scholarship. These talented scholars are found through a selection process that invites teachers of year 11 students from over 1,000 UK schools to recommend their best students to apply.

Applicants must all sit a two-hour technical design aptitude exam and a face-to-face panel interview to qualify for the scholarship award. Successful scholars are then matched with their interests to a sponsor and presented with their award at one of our award ceremonies in London and Edinburgh. The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship runs throughout the two years of A level or Scottish Advanced Highers.

One of the keys to success is the partnerships with our corporate sponsors, who provide amazing opportunities for industry engagement including site visits, work experience, mentoring and guidance on career opportunities. Our supporters cover engineering in its widest sense from materials to mechanical; aerospace to automotive; structural to chemical; electrical to IT; power to component design, and everything in between. Our records show that 92% of Arkwright Scholars go on to study engineering at university or higher-level / degree apprenticeships.

It is our belief that a strong future for the UK economy depends on the quality of young people who choose to pursue engineering careers and we do all we can throughout our scholarship programme to encourage and develop a pipeline of future engineering talent.

More information can be found on our website: www.arkwright.org.uk.