Dear colleagues and friends!

Welcome to the March edition of the SPE Review London.

As you might remember, at the beginning of the Section’s operational year we announced plans to set up a Senior Professionals (SP) Liaison that could potentially lead to establishing the SP Committee. I am happy to announce that we now have a dedicated officer (Vincent Penasse) who has taken over the challenge of representing the needs and interests of Senior Professionals. You can review the SPE London board organogram on page 11 of the magazine.

In order to formally introduce this new initiative to our members, we are thinking of running a joint Young/Senior Professionals event. The next step is to set up a topic. It is quite clear that Young Professionals often seek support from their senior colleagues while growing into their technical roles. On the other hand, we realise many Senior Professionals might sometimes struggle to keep up with the wave of digitalisation – for example, machine learning techniques, social media and high-tech simulation. Hence, the collaborated event would be quite helpful. But on which topic? What do you think Young Professionals can learn from Senior Professionals? And vice versa – what would be the subject that Senior Professionals would need to learn from their younger peers?

Please let us know by completing the following survey (LINK: online. As always, your feedback is very important for us. The topics with the most votes will be selected for our collaborative evening event to be announced soon.

Thank you all in advance.

Kind regards,

Dr Olga Bradulina

SPE Chairperson