London SPE Net Zero Gaia programme: Finance for Energy Transition

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The London SPE Net Zero Gaia committee, with thanks to our sponsors ERC Evolution, is very excited to bring you this discussion on financing the Energy Transition.

Technology solutions enable energy transition and finance – drives it. To shed light on the current themes and outlook of renewable energy project financing across Europe and the globe, SPE London Net Zero Gaia committee has gathered three industry experts to give their take on ‘Finance for Energy Transition’.

Transition to clean energy is well underway, but the growing urgency to achieve it by 2050 has highlighted the role and importance of finance. Often viewed as a massive business opportunity, energy transition is surrounded by many financial challenges that require immediate action. From investment into developing value chains with high-risk and low margins to shareholder pressure on incumbent energy market-players, a global refocus is taking place amongst major investors. Yet, a complicated balance lies between providing reliable, affordable, and low carbon energy.

To help us understand the optimal investment portfolios, issues with carbon offsetting, cost implications, energy security and role of oil & gas companies in this transition, we will be joined by three leading industry experts.

Tsvetelina Kuzmanova (E3G) will discuss the role and impact that policy can have on project financing with a greater focus on EU. David Cunningham (Gneiss Energy) will provide his expertise on renewable project financing and cost implications. And Yrjö Koskinen (University of Calgary) will combine his knowledge of corporate and sustainable finance to discuss investment portfolios.

If you have an interest in understanding the finance for energy transition, please join us for the panel discussion.

The event is virtual, and will be held via Zoom.