SPE London YP virtual technical event: ‘Carbon capture and storage’

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SPE London YP section is pleased to present a virtual technical event: Design and operation of full-chain CCS from capture to storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is a key technology that enables hydrocarbons producing countries to meet the Net Zero target. The UK, the EU, Norway, and 101 countries have pledged to become carbon zero, with most targeting carbon neutrality by 2050. CCS involves the capture of waste C02 – from the power-generation industry, hydrogen production and biomass – for long-term geologically stable storage. A transport network must safely and reliably connect the CO2 capture to the storage location.

This virtual event focuses on the design and operation of full-chain CCS networks from capture to storage. Listeners will leave the event with an understanding of the opportunities of CCS projects and will be aware of some of the new techniques used in the CO2 industry.

Matt Healey has 24 years of experience as a flow assurance engineer, process engineer, safety engineer and project management. He is a world leader in the design and modelling of CCS pipeline transport networks with significant experience on many projects in this field.
Matt is also a member of ISO TC265, on carbon dioxide capture, transportation, and geological storage. He is the owner and director of Pace CCS, the world leader in CCS flow assurance, engineering and design.