London SPE has developed an updated Schools Engagement Programme, building on the SPE International ‘Energy4Me’ programme and incorporating a focus on net zero and sustainability from an energy industry perspective.

The aim of the programme is to encourage today’s school students to consider a career in the energy industry. It highlights the important role that engineering and innovation play in developing clean affordable energy for all, one of the basic building blocks for human development, and what an exciting and rewarding industry it is to work in. It also promotes joining the energy industry as an effective way to help the world achieve its net zero ambitions and the wider UN sustainable development goals. It is designed to stimulate students to think more deeply about the challenges involved in the energy transition while sharing with them the progress that has already been made.

The current school engagement pack is available as a pdf: School Engagement Pack

If you are interested in volunteering to present in the schools’ engagement programme or would like to work with the committee to continue developing presentation material or activities please get in touch with Alison Isherwood (

The London SPE committee also sponsors a Year 11/12 student annually through Arkwright Engineering Scholarships, an established programme to encourage students to pursue engineering as a career.