One of the main goals of the London SPE Net Zero Gaia committee is to help the membership adapt to a changing energy industry. With this in mind, the committee is launching a new initiative called ‘Sustainable Careers’.

We are gathering useful information, insights and advice from knowledgeable individuals across our industry and beyond, on topics such as evolving education opportunities, recruitment trends, energy transition business models, and career pathways.

These insights will be shared in short interviews focused on what you really want to know, and will be available as a continuing growing resource on our SPE London Sustainable Careers webpage.

Instalment 1: Masters Programmes

Should I commit to obtaining a new Master’s qualification in an ‘energy transition’ subject?
What are the options? How much work is it? How will it positively impact my career? We
asked four O&G professionals who have already taken the plunge to share their experience.